Logic Pro X, the new member of the Apple family.

Apple has done it again! Taking everyone by surprise… Now with Logic Pro.

The new version released yesterday is labeled just like Final Cut Pro, with an X at the end, and according to Apple’s information:

… Import and export MIDI Files, Final Cut Pro X XML, and AAF files to facilitate collaborative workflows …

This version seems to be upsetting many users because of its apparent similarities with Garage Band, making it look and feel “amateurish”, however some professionals disagree, specially when you look under the hood and see the new powerful features such as the MIDI plugins, Arpeggiator and many other enhancements.

The “simpler” interface also provides an easy learning curve to dig into the application for any music aficionado.

The download is quite big, very close to 35 Gigabytes of data that includes a wealth of sample files, loops and effects, making this application a no-brainer when it comes to see what you get for 200 dollars!

We are not taking any sides on this issue, but so far we like what we see.

Here is the link if you are interested [ LINK ]