Add Subtitles with style!

Add Subtitles with style!

Many people have asked us about the support of Style tags, and our developing team have listened to them.

Our latest version of Subtitles now supports style tags.

For those of you who are new to the topic of subtitles, the style tag is a special code enclosed in brackets that may be found in some popular formats such as the SubRip or SRT subtitles format. For example:

<b> This text is bold</b>

The style tags allow the user to add Bold type or Italicized text, add a different color or a combination of all of these styles in your subtitles.

With the new update you can import tagged SRT files, and all of the tags mentioned above will be interpreted correctly.

An additional benefit to this update is… that the other formats that may NOT support tags, now you can use the same tags to add bold faces, italicized text or text with a different color right inside our Subtitles plugin and within any host application that supports our Subtitles plugin.

This is great news for documentary and film editors, and for anyone who ever wished there was such a possibility when adding subtitles to your film.

Our team is committed to the continued development of our products, so keep an eye for improvements and new features planned for the near future, and if you have any suggestion or feature requests for this or any other of our products, our ears are open and we do listen.