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Works In:



Mac OS X 10.8.x

FxFactory 4.0.8
Mac with Intel processor

ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD* graphics processor

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Produce movie credits in a snap.

SUGARfx Movie Credits is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful Movie Credits easily in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
You can download a free trial and start using Movie Credits today.


Tell the world you are making movies!

Feature your main actors or the high profile actress with style. Be proud to show who directed or produced your film, be bold and eloquent about it.

Choose from a variety of styles.

SUGARfx Movie Credits is available in your favorite host application with 25 presets and a full control setup to help you make your custom main movie credits fast and easy.
Use the style that fits the character of your movie or choose from a preset that you can edit to your heart's content.

Use SUGARfx Movie Credits to create custom styles, save font selections and explore animation moves, and then save them as presets to show them to the art director. It is really that simple!

How to install.

SUGARfx Movie Credits require the FxFactory engine, and if you have installed the latest version of the free FxFactory, download Movie Credits and double click to install it.

Restart the application of your choice and you will find the Movie Credits category in your Generators Browser.


In Motion you will find it in the Generators menu, and in After Effects and Premiere Pro in the Effects menu.


Easy to use.

In Final Cut Pro X, just drag and drop any of the Movie Credits generators in your editing timeline, and import your text and do the necessary adjustments for speed, style and color.


All of the styles can be fully customized if necessary, by using the basic parameters found in the Inspector window.

Or for maximum control you can use the Full version with all of its parameters available to let you edit the style of your choice to the last minimum detail, and save the presets for future use.

Download and Try.

You can download and install the free trial as part of FxFactory.

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