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Final Cut Pro X



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Sweety is a set of sweet transitions that should be part of every editing toolbox.

This carefully created transitions bring a satisfying look and feel to your editing work. Not only are they simple to use, but they also provide extensive versatility and controls to make as many variations as your heart desires.

Hello Sweety.

SUGARfx Sweety is a great collection of customizable transitions that provide the control for every element and give you the style you are looking for.

The Sweety collection can be found in the Transition Browser inside Final Cut Pro X and they come in several categories for your creative pleasure.

There is a total of 55 transition elements, all customizable and carefully hand-crafted to offer variety and expandable options.


Easy to use.

Adding SUGARfx Sweety transitions to your project is a simple process.

Simply drag-and-drop the transition at the edit cut of your choice and customize it to your liking.

Every transition group provides different options, some provide the use of a color tint, rotation or transition angle, text, shadows and more!

All of the transition elements in the SUGARfx Sweety collection are unique, customizable and easy to use.

The inspector window provides all the parameters with multiple options and choices for customization in a streamlined and organized fashion.

Some shapes can transform to provide multiple versions of your customization, and color tints come with blending modes for better use and compatibility with any image in your footage.

Out of the box usability.

You can use the transition elements as they come right out of the box, or customize them to make them your own. These transitions offer tons of customization to make your project look like it was produced with a graphics department on-site.


SUGARfx Sweety elements have features not commonly available in other packages. Here are the most significant features available in many of the elements in this collection.

– Background color and opacity settings.

Custom video elements and combination of multiple assets.

Circle to square elements that provide multiple looks in one single transition.

Animated range of rotation to expand the versatility of the animated element and to add an additional element of movement.

Custom colors and Color tint that provide continuity in design, color and style of your video edit.

Transfer modes in many elements when using a mixed combination of colors and video clips together.

Fifty Five transitions with unique features and customization options.


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